Simplify the overwhelming world of makeup...
Learn about skincare, foundation, highlight and contour, eyeshadow, eyebrows, lashes, eyeliner, blush, lipstick and so much MORE! 

As an added BONUS we’ve included our FAVORITE PRODUCTS LIST! 

This list contains our must-have DRUGSTORE and HIGH-END products with photos, prices, and a shopping guide! No matter what your budget is, there is something for everyone! 

We’ve also provided a FREE printable shopping list to make your life a breeze!

5 Way To Use Beauty Basics...
This guide is meant to be used in many different ways. No matter where you are beginning
your makeup journey, if you are a "no makeup mom" OR a beauty junkie there will be
something in this guide for you! These are just some of the ways we suggest using this guide:

  • As a chronological guide to putting on your makeup each day! (Skin,Foundation, Highlight & Contour, etc.)
  •  A glossary of makeup terminology and products
  •  A step by step instruction manual
  •  A shopping guide through the makeup aisle 
  •  A quick reference to keep on your vanity for daily use

See what others have to say about Behrens Artistry!
"The women at Behrens Artistry have NAILED it with this e-book. The graphics are stunning, the photos are beautiful, and their instruction is truly targeted at the everyday woman. It's refreshing to know that you don't have to be a makeup artist to look like one, and this e-book provides easy to follow instructions and concepts that will up your makeup routine. Lindsey and Camille's dedication to helping you become the best version of yourself truly shines through with playful copy and simple tips, but my favorite part is that each topic in the book has a section that's written just for your needs! If you're looking for new makeup tips or want to up your routine, look no farther. This book is for you. DONE." 

Jesse Mckiney
 (CEO Red Aspen Beauty/cosmetics)

"I am a genuine mother hustler, I strive to coach female entrepreneurs in finding flow in their business and freedom in God's grace. Making a beautiful home for my family and raising our bear cub is also a top priority for this business owner. Feeling beautiful is downright empowering and what I adore about BA's Beauty Basics ebook is that their heart for women and witty talent shine through every carefully curated instruction. 

This book literally covers all my burning questions. Make-up can be very overwhelming for me and often I get lost down the rabbit hole of YouTube tutorials but this is the perfect bite size treat that I can trust and easily implement into my beauty routine! Lindsey and Camille seem to have been privy to all my embarrassingly clueless internal dialogue about everything from eye shadow to the awkwardly executed contouring. I'm genuinely saved by the content and savvy delivery of this book. "

Xoxo, Corina Tripon
 (Life Coach, @GingerRooted)

"I am a wife and mother who balances teaching with raising two young boys. To say life is busy is an understatement. However, I do work hard to take a little time out for myself in the midst of the chaos. Beauty Basics is awesome! This quick guide to makeup application and purchasing is a lifesaver for a busy woman who gets overwhelmed in the makeup aisle. I love how they guide you through the makeup aisle for your skin. It's like meal planning, but for your face! Lindsey and Camille have the gift of making every woman find their own beauty and teaching them to be confident in their own skin."

Mindy Wilkens
Meet Lindsey & Camille
We are Lindsey Behrens and Camille Levi owners of BEHRENS ARTISTRY! We are hair and makeup artists, clothing stylists, and above all PASSIONATE momtrepreneurs! 

We started our hair and makeup business 5 years ago and it’s been a WILD journey ever since. We’ve taught countless women of all skill levels about the ins and outs of makeup and have a passion for EMPOWERING WOMEN through education! 

What sets us apart is our united passion for loving God, serving others, and helping women to be the very best version of themselves. Our hope in writing this ebook is to bridge the gap between the beauty industry and the everyday woman. 

We KNOW you will feel more confident than ever with your new found skills!

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this ebook for? 

This ebook is for the everyday woman, mom, teen, or anyone who needs makeup refresher! This book is perfect the woman who has never really learned about makeup or for the teen who is just starting to learn the basics of beauty! It’s designed to give the background knowledge needed to navigate the beauty aisle and choose the very best products for yourself! It’s meant to empower women with the tools to make the right decisions when it comes to daily makeup routine! - All Right Reserved
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